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Why Organizations Trust Us!

We’re not normal!

As a diverse, highly-qualified, skilled and experienced team, we have the capacity and ability to support growing businesses market themselves effectively, from start-ups looking to make it to established organisations looking to improve. We’ve got some great success stories.

And don’t just take our word for it! See what our clients say.

It’s certainly an exciting time at Cyber Junkiez. Read more about our story.

Our team possess a rare combination of skills in marketing, strategy development, creative writing, photography, graphic design and website development. It is this, along with our Great Website Philosophy and much-loved proactive approach, which enables us to build affordable and engaging websites that give businesses the edge in a competitive digital world!

Our talented team of designers have a wide range of creative experience between them, from large-scale corporate design, to more creative, bespoke projects for smaller start-up companies. This collective knowledge ensures that we can tailor and implement the correct design skillset to suit your project’s specific needs.

We create bespoke SEO strategies using tried and tested methods to help websites get the most from search engines. Best of all, our approach is built to last, following guidelines set by search engines. We’ve helped our clients get some amazing results that we would love to share with you.

We help make information interesting, beautiful and simple through creative graphic design. Subsequently, the original data suddenly means much more to the people who need to take notice. With a background of working in professional services organisations and consulting firms processing vast amounts of big data, we are experienced at taking complex data and producing simple, creative and memorable documents that can be interpreted simple and acted upon.

Proactively managing regular marketing activity is increasingly hard for medium sized businesses and start-ups. It’s virtually impossible to dedicate time on a regular basis when you need to adapt and react to client and customer demands throughout busy periods.

At Squarebird we help identify, schedule and implement marketing plans for businesses of all sizes, so that you can stick to what you’re good at, safe in the knowledge that your marketing activity is proactive and getting results.

Re-evaluating your position in the market, developing a marketing strategy or launching a new business can be extremely difficult, especially if you are too close to the action.

As outsiders looking in, with proven expertise and experience in marketing, we can help to develop your brand, identify your position in the market and set strategy, while applying the latest thinking and trends in marketing.

To meet changing expectations, mobile must be an integral part of your customer experience. And to compete in today’s business environment, a seamless mobile experience is imperative. But where do you begin? How do you determine a mobile strategy right for you? And how do you implement mobile and manage this environment in an optimized and secure way?

Our Mobile Application Services make your application efforts business-first. Our niche mobility offerings can help you engage better with your consumers as well as enterprise workforce through UI rich mobile apps across all major platforms.  And we help you rethink the concept of BYOD and focus on securing company data.

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We can help you to engage with your audience by utilising social media channels, keeping your brand in contact with existing customers and clients, as well as attracting new ones.

It’s important to develop a clear strategy that is specific to your business. Not everyone needs every social media, and it’s important that you present yourself professionally and consistently on the platforms that matter to you.

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